Security Monitor LCD 17in Sx-17p 1280x1024 Sxga Black

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Référence: SX-17P
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AG Neovo 17 inch Surveillance Display with Anti-Burn-in Technology, Advanced Image Platform and NeoV Optical Glass.


Sharp Surveillance
The SX-Series of high resolution surveillance displays are designed for performance critical security and control centre environment

Custom designed for security environments, the AG Neovo SX-17P is a versatile yet powerful surveillance display solution. Smart Omni Viewer with PIP/PAP, freeze and rotate enables superior surveillance flexibility. Slim design, looping BNC connectors, VESA compatibility and power DC-out mean effortless system integration. Plus with a durable metal frame, built-in protective NeoVTM Optical Glass and the green design equipped with EcoSmart sensor that minimizes power consumption by up to 1/3 (versus conventional security monitors), the SX-17P is truly the display of choice for todays-and tomorrows-security environments.



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