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At-dinrail-010 Din Rail Rack Mount For All Standalone Media Converters

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€104,35  (Hors TVA)
€126,27  (TVA Incl.)


The AT-DINRAIL1 is a universal bracket that allows a wide range of Allied Telesis media converters and media/rate converters to be mounted onto an industry standard 35mm DIN Rail. This product allows network managers to have the flexibility to use the Allied Telesis media converters in standard industrial mounting installations.The DIN Rail concept allows the media converters to be mounted vertically, thus saving space. Each AT-DINRAIL1 has the ability to secure the power entry cord into the media converter, to guard against the risk of possible unwanted disconnection. In addition, each AT-DINRAIL1 can be mounted in either of two directions, allowing the power inlet to the media converter to be at the top or bottom of the installation. Furthermore, each AT-DINRAIL1 is physically locked into position on the DIN Rail, providing a secure and stable mounting for the media converter.


  • Use with a wide range of Allied Telesis media and media/rate converters
  • Compatible with 35mm DIN Rail
  • Powercord anchor
  • Locking mechanism
  • Two way mounting
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