At-mc1008/GB 1000t To GBic Media Converter

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Référence: AT-MC1008/GB-60
Periactes ref: 13523026
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The MC1008 series Ethernet media converters are designed to extend the distance of your network by interconnecting LAN devices that are physically separated by large distances. These media converters have the functionality to connect any managed/unmanaged 1000Mbps (1Gbps) switch or hub using standard 1000T RJ45 connections and convert the signal to 1000Base optical via a GBIC or SFP port. The pluggable optics feature allows for flexible network configurations of reach whilst reducing the number of products for sparing and inventory.


  • Standalone or rackmountable into the AT-MCR12 chassis
  • Reach extended distances up to 70km
  • Auto-sense MDI/MDIX
  • Full-Duplex operation
  • Cost effective migration



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