At-mc104xl 100fx Sc Multi-mode To 100fx Sc Single-mode Media Converter 15km

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Référence: AT-MC104XL-60
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100 Mbps Fast Ethernet Media Converter with traditional fiber connectors. 100Base-FX (fiber optic) (SC Multi-mode) 100Base-FX (fiber optic) (SC Single-mode). External power supply The Allied Telesyn range of Fast Ethernet media converters provides a complete family of conversion devices, allowing users to extend the size of UTP networks with the use of fiber cabling. Supporting all major fiber connectors, with support for multi and single-mode fiber, these converters can be used to extend networks with up to 2km of fiber.


  • Compatible with unmanaged hubs & switches
  • Half & full-duplex operation
  • Maximum distance 15Km
  • Transparent to VLAN packets



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