At-mc116xl 10/100tx To 10fl/100sx 850nm Fiber Sc Media Converter

At-mc116xl 10/100tx To 10fl/100sx 850nm Fiber Sc Media Converter

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MC116XL, 10/100TX to 10FL/100SX 850nm fiber SC media converter


  • Fiber Connections
    The Allied Telesyn range of 850nm fiber Fast Ethernet media converters allows users to extend the size of UTP networks with the use of fiber cabling. Converting between 10T and 10FL or 100TX and 100SX fiber quickly and reliably, the AT-MC115XL and AT-MC116XL address the growing demand for a low-cost solution for fiber installations of 300 meters or less. To maximize flexibility, the converters are available in ST (AT-MC115XL) and SC (AT-MC116XL) fiber connector styles.
  • Auto-negotation
    The AT-MC115XL and AT-MC116XL auto-negotiate during the link up phase of the connection to set the speed (10/100) and operation mode (Full or Half Duplex). When connecting media converters to autonegotiating Fast Ethernet switches, these media converters will automatically connect the link in either Full or Halfduplex mode, allowing the link to be established with the greatest bandwidth.
  • MissingLinkT
    The MissingLink feature allows accurate reporting to network management systems as well as allowing devices with redundant link capability to be inter-connected with these media converters, failure in one fiber link will be signalled to the switch, allowing the second link to become active.
  • Simple Installation
    All the media converters with a UTP connection feature an internal MDI/MDIX switch, allowing the converter to be connected to either a PC, hub or switch with a simple UTP cable. The media converters also allow the installer to test the integrity of fiber connection, by forcing the converters to communicate over the fiber cable. This Link Test feature allows installers to check for cable faults without the need for expensive fiberoptic test equipment.
  • Standalone or Rackmountable
    Each media converter is powered by an external power supply unit for use in standalone applications. Where multiple media converters are being used, up to 12 devices can be inserted into a low cost rackmount chassis, allowing all the converters to be powered by a single internal power supply. In critical applications, a second load sharing internal power supply can be installed into the rackmount chassis.
  • Technical Support
    In addition to the lifetime limited warranty coverage,Allied Telesyn offers free technical support via our online knowledge base. Hundreds of support troubleshooting documents can be accessed at under the support and services section. Warranty and technical assistance options can be supplemented by purchasing a Net.CoverSM service contract. Oneyear contracts are available for three different levels of support. For detailed information on our Net.CoverSM program, visit our web site or contact your sales representative.


  • 10/100SX fiber port
  • 10/100TX copper port
  • Auto-negotiation
  • Fits the AT-MCR12 rackmount chassis
  • Full and Half Duplex operation
  • Link Test
  • MissingLinkT
  • Transparent to 802.1Q packets



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