At-rps3204 Ac Redundant Power Supply For At-9400 Series

At-rps3204 Ac Redundant Power Supply For At-9400 Series

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Référence: AT-RPS3204-50
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The Allied Telesis AT-RPS3204 provide optional redundant power options to a range of Allied Telesis switches. Installing a redundant power supply increases network reliability, as the switch can continue to operate in the event of a failure of the switch’s main internal power supply, or that of the redundant power supply. Failure of either power supply causes an event to be sent to a Network Management System (NMS) allowing a network administrator to take the appropriate remedial action, thus averting a catastrophic failure on the network. The AT-RPS3204 is a 19” rack-mountable chassis, capable of holding up to four individual AT-PWR3202 power modules.


  • Provides optional redundant power
  • Supplies up to four switches
  • Hot swappable modules
  • Only 1RU high
  • Rack-mountable (kit included)
  • Individual manual isolation switches


  • Dimensions 44.05cm x 36.06cm x 43.7cm
    (17.34 x 14.20 x 1.72 in.)
  • Operating temperature 0°C to 40°C
  • Storage temperature -20°C to 80°C
  • Relative humidity <85% non-condensing

Compatible With

  • AT-9408LC
  • AT-9424T/SP
  • AT-9424T/GB
  • AT-9424Ts
  • AT-9424Ts/XP
  • AT-9448T/SP
  • AT-9448Tx/SP



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