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Scansnap Sv600 Over Head Document Scanner

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The ScanSnap SV600 from Fujitsu for PC and Mac is a versatile overhead scanner that allows for the digitization of a range of material including newspapers,bound documents,magazines and books without the need for cutting or causing damage. Additionally it can simply and intuitively scan a variety of loose paper such as delicate information,maps,delivery notes,receipts,business cards,historical documents and blueprints.

Position the documents on the black pad and scan directly without any extra effort. The maximum document size capable of being scanned is 400 x 300 mm if the thickness of the document is more than 5 mm,and the maximum size is 432 x 300 mm if the thickness is less than 5 mm. Documents up to 30 mm thickness can be scanned.

ScanSnap's user-friendly Quick Menu can be set up to automatically appear after scanning offering a multitude of 'scan to'destinations for your scanned data thereby facilitating smooth and efficient operation. This could be sending your business cards via CardMinder to a database package,typed documents to editable Word,Excel or PowerPoint,or simply sending documents to your cloud account for viewing anywhere and anytime.

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